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SRC Technology Solutions has gone Social…

…thanks to our newest team member, Technology Strategist – Josh Davis, who is an e-marketing and social media junkie. Stay connected to all the newest technology news, product reviews, e-marketing trends, and useful information related to operating and marketing your business…digitally. You can link up to us on all of our various Web 2.0 accounts. Just click on each link below.





Have you wondered if your company might be missing out on Social Media? Here are two things you can do right now to find out.

1. Join our social media campaign by clicking the links above and you will see how our technology firm is deploying these tools. You’ll likely draw some parallels with your own enterprise and get some new ideas.

2. Connect to and/or call our Technology Strategist, Josh Davis and have a conversation about your business objectives and marketing mix and Josh will explain how these tools might serve your firm.

The benefits of social media are rock solid…more visitors to your website, stronger relationships with customers, thought leadership in your industry, and higher employee satisfaction, just to name a few.

So CLICK the images above to connect to us…but don’t stop there. Join in on the conversation!

Josh Davis can be reached at SRC Technology Solutions (423) 267-0588 or joshd@srctechnology.com and is available for 1-on-1 consulting or group seminars on website and/or social media marketing.

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