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What is a successful e-marketing campaign?

November 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Your business has a website. Prospective customers find your website, learn about your business, and potentially make a purchase. It’s as easy as that, right?

Not so fast! Do you advertise your business offline via TV, radio, newspaper, or magazines? Do you attend industry tradeshows? Do you list your business in the Yellow Pages? Do you sponsor community events? Do you belong to a Chamber of Commerce? Do you network? If you don’t, chances are your business has either struggled or has not lived up to its potential. Advertising and marketing are essential functions of business. You wouldn’t just build a pizza shop and sit back and wait for everyone to come in out of curiosity…you’re going to go out and get them! The same principle applies to online.

There are countless ways to market your business online, and the wonderful thing is, most of them are free. They only require the knowledge of how to use them, and the time investment to put them to use. Before you start, you should know that a successful e-marketing campaign is strategically planned and implemented, with a consistent message about your company. A successful e-marketing campaign does not have to be highly structured, but it does need to be very consistent. A successful e-marketing campaign is extremely powerful because it’s largely interactive with the online community. A successful e-marketing campaign is both personal and transparent and allows the online community to connect to people within a business, not just the business.

Your e-marketing campaign should center around your website as the “living” source of information about your company, products, employees, etc. I call it “living” because this information and media should be fresh, interesting, and regularly updated. From your website, you should extend out into the internet by offering education, entertainment, and social interaction. This is where other websites come into play…you need to be regularly engaged with bookmarking sites to connect to web explorers, blog sites to offer your educational/entertaining information, and social networking sites to make connections and interact with them. The end result of this process will be stronger connections to potential customers, brand recognition, thought leadership, higher search engine rankings, and more traffic to your website.

Don’t wait to launch your e-marketing campaign…the longer you do, the harder it will be to catch up to your competitors. Separate yourself from your competitors in your industry and show potential customers that you are passionate about your business. Get out there and get involved in the social internet and reap the rewards!

If you would like an informational meeting to discuss marketing your business online, I’d be happy to help you assess your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and come up with an e-marketing initiative for your company.

 Josh Davis, Technology Strategist – SRC Technology Solutions – (423) 267-0588


SRC Technology Solutions has gone Social…

November 11, 2010 Leave a comment

…thanks to our newest team member, Technology Strategist – Josh Davis, who is an e-marketing and social media junkie. Stay connected to all the newest technology news, product reviews, e-marketing trends, and useful information related to operating and marketing your business…digitally. You can link up to us on all of our various Web 2.0 accounts. Just click on each link below.!/srctechnology

Have you wondered if your company might be missing out on Social Media? Here are two things you can do right now to find out.

1. Join our social media campaign by clicking the links above and you will see how our technology firm is deploying these tools. You’ll likely draw some parallels with your own enterprise and get some new ideas.

2. Connect to and/or call our Technology Strategist, Josh Davis and have a conversation about your business objectives and marketing mix and Josh will explain how these tools might serve your firm.

The benefits of social media are rock solid…more visitors to your website, stronger relationships with customers, thought leadership in your industry, and higher employee satisfaction, just to name a few.

So CLICK the images above to connect to us…but don’t stop there. Join in on the conversation!

Josh Davis can be reached at SRC Technology Solutions (423) 267-0588 or and is available for 1-on-1 consulting or group seminars on website and/or social media marketing.

Social Media…confused yet?

November 2, 2010 Leave a comment

In the world of internet marketing, e-commerce, social networking, and web 2.0, one thing seems to be very apparent to me…the people who really understand these things, are the people whose job it is to understand these things.

Let me explain. I constantly run into people…business owners, managers, marketers…who have a product or service to sell to either consumers (B2C) or other businesses (B2B), who have little to no concept of what tools are available to market their business online, or how to use these tools. The social internet (web 2.0) has evolved so quickly, the only people who are tuned in are professional technology and/or marketing companies (such as our firm, SRC Technology Solutions). We are able to keep up with the sweeping changes in technology because it is our livelihood…it is what we offer to the business community. The rest of the business community probably does not have the time (or maybe even the awareness of the need) to invest in exploring Social Media Marketing. But guess what…the need is there whether you realize it or not (although the time may not be).

My suggestion – get with someone immediately to help you get your business dialed in to social media, e-commerce, web content management, and whatever else is applicable to your strategy. Money invested in this realm will be more rewarding for the future of your business than most any traditional advertising campaigns you are considering. The best part is that most of what happens in the online marketing world has little to no recurring cost associated with it. If you invest in the startup of your internet-based marketing and learn how to maintain it yourself, you will have a powerful weapon in your arsenal and you will likely be ahead of your competitors in adopting new technology.

I have been deeply immersed in this marketing channel for the last year, and get a thrill out of empowering business owners/managers/marketers to take control of their online identity on web 2.0. Let me help you invest in the future of your business. The internet is available and accessible to all businesses no matter how large or small, and if you are not actively participating in e-marketing, you are missing potential wins for your business. Fill out a request for information at to begin the conversation…no obligations or strings attached.


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